Anti Social Social Club Vs Supreme

Anti Social Social Club Vs Supreme: A Streetwear Showdown

In the world of streetwear fashion, two heavyweights have taken the scene by storm – Anti Social Social Club vs Supreme. Here, We will delve into a detailed comparison of these two iconic streetwear brands, examining their histories, styles, cultural impacts, and the ongoing rivalry that keeps fans buzzing.

Unveiling the Brands:

Anti Social Social Club:

Neek Lurk established the Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) in 2015. Known for its simplistic yet enigmatic designs, ASSC has gained a massive following for its unique approach to street fashion.


Supreme, on the other hand, is an established brand originating from New York City. Founded by James Jebbia in 1994, Supreme is synonymous with iconic red box logos, limited releases, and collaborations with artists, musicians, and designers.

History and Origins:

A Brief Look at Anti Social Social Club:

ASSC started as a small project, with Neek Lurk crafting designs and merchandise based on his own experiences with social anxiety. This personal touch created a relatable and unique brand identity.

The Supreme Ascent:

Supreme’s journey is rooted in the New York skateboarding scene. The brand’s initial focus on skateboard hardware and clothing quickly evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.

Design Aesthetics:

Anti Social Social Club’s Minimalism:

A key component of ASSC’s design ethos is minimalism. Simple, clean, and often enigmatic logos grace their clothing, attracting fans who appreciate subtlety.

Supreme’s Bold Branding:

The designs by Supreme are renowned for being provocative and bold. Their red box emblem, which has become synonymous with urban life, is instantly identifiable.

Cultural Impact:

ASSC: The Subtle Revolution

Anti Social Social Club has tapped into the emotional experiences of an entire generation. The brand’s enigmatic designs resonate with those who face social anxiety daily.

Supreme: The Pop Culture Giant

Supreme’s collaborations with artists like Jeff Koons and brands like Nike have propelled it into pop culture stardom. It’s a mode of life, not just outfits.

The Ongoing Rivalry:

Online Drops and Hype:

Both brands rely on limited drops and strong online presence to generate hype. Supreme’s “Thursday Drops” are legendary, while ASSC employs a similar strategy.

Celebrity Endorsements:

Supreme has attracted a slew of high-profile celebrities, from Kanye West to Pharrell Williams. ASSC has also had its share of famous fans.

What Do the Fans Say?

ASSC Lovers:

Fans of Anti Social Social Club appreciate the brand’s relatable designs and its ability to capture the essence of social anxiety.

Supreme Devotees:

Supreme’s fans are drawn to the brand’s exclusivity and the feeling of belonging to a select group of streetwear enthusiasts.

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FAQs About Anti Social Social Club Vs Supreme:

Which Brand is More Affordable, ASSC or Supreme?

Prices can vary greatly depending on the specific item, but generally, ASSC tends to be more budget-friendly than Supreme.

Do ASSC and Supreme Collaborate With Other Brands Often?

Supreme is famous for its collaborations, while ASSC does collaborate but not as frequently.

Where Can I Purchase ASSC and Supreme Clothing?

Both brands sell their merchandise like anti social shirt and hoodies online, but they also have physical stores in select locations.

Are There Any Controversies Associated With These Brands?

Yes, both brands have faced controversies over the years, which has only fueled their notoriety.

Which Brand is Considered More ‘Hype’ in the Streetwear Scene?

Supreme is often considered more ‘hype’ due to its long-standing reputation and extensive collaborations.


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