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What is Anti Social Social Club?

Every fan of streetwear knows the brand Anti Social Social Club. However, fewer people know about the history of this mysterious brand. For its simple designs and also the mission behind it (let’s be anti-social together) it has built a huge fan cult among millennials and not only, with every new release selling out immediately. Yet. So let’s take a look together at where the brand comes from, tell us something about its founder, and discuss the problems that accompany it at the moment.


From Social To Brand

Behind the whole idea is a person with perhaps an even more mysterious name than the self-known brand – Neek Lurk. He has been in the streetwear culture for some time now. Already at the beginning of this millennium, he was an active member of various fashion forums. In 2013, he moves to Los Angeles with his only possession – a Toyota Prius – and hopes to break through on the fashion scene.

He succeeded, got a job at the legendary Stüssy brand, and gradually worked his way up to the position of Social Marketing Manager. At that moment, he came to the conclusion that it was the right time to surprise the fashion world with his own project, which he founded at the beginning of 2015.


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