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What is Anti Social Social Club?

Anti Social Social Club burst into the fashion scene early in 2015. It’s negotiated the crowded streetwear market within Los Angeles to worldwide stardom. The brand’s mysterious and eccentric founder Neek Lurk had yet to plan to become a world-class brand. Still, they somehow created a profitable business founded on “negative issues” such as mental health issues and depression. The brand now counts Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Korean idols BTS as its fans. The Anti Social Social Club online store is constantly entire and the conversations regarding the designs and messages posted about its clothing and accessories never stop.

One can comprehend the Anti Social Social Club narrative only when one is aware of Neek Lurk’s history. Lurk spent his early years online while growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Particularly on NikeTalk forums during its peak. Neek gained fame and became famous for his WDYWT (What Did You Wear today) pictures. His distinctive style of long hair, graphic t-shirts, and skinny drainpipe jeans enthralled the fashion industry, and he landed a job at Las Las Vegas-based Stussy. Being a part-time employee and swiftly moving up the corporate ladder. Then, he moved to Los Angeles around 2014 to be a director of social media and brand management. But, loneliness and depression continued to follow him to his new location.

The inspiration for the brand was the latter half of 2014. The breakup was painful with a girl, which gave Neek the idea to design the creation of a headband. He came up with a dad’s cap that reads “I Love You” on the front. It also has the Anti Social Social Club logo on the right side of the ear.

At the beginning of 2015, Neek made 12 T-shirts featuring identical logos. The designer did not create them. Instead, he created an in-photoshop mock-up, uploaded it to the Internet, and saw people buy each of the 12. He chose to release the project. The target market was his close friends, but piece-by-piece these melancholy claims began to be heard throughout LA. A sudden flood of publicity swept Anti Social Social Club straight into the spotlight of streetwear ahead of Neek, who would be able to get his mind over the reasons and how.

The rapid growth of ASSC was also seen offline. In 2016 Los Angeles saw the brand’s first-ever pop-up featuring the massive printed phrase “Get Weird.” Fans finally had the chance, although it was rare to purchase the coveted hoodie at a local store. The lines are similar in price to Supreme drops, even though the location is secured using Morse Code. It made capsules with major retailers such as RSVP Gallery and Dover Street Market, along with high-profile brands such as BAPE and the wildly popular K-pop boy group BTS, Hello Kitty, Playboy, and many others.

Who is the Founder of the Anti Social Social Club (ASSC)?

Born on the 5th of October 1988. Andrew Buenaflor, better known as “Neek Lurk,” is not new to the internet or the ever-changing streetwear world. He is a transplant from his home in the Bronx and currently living in Las Vegas, studying business management at the College of Southern Nevada. Neek was dissatisfied with the lack of culture that dominated Sin City, spending most of his time online. He was a well-known member of the NikeTalk forums in the early days (a website co-founded with Method Man and frequented by fans of sneakers during the mid-to late-’00s, such as DJ AM, Ben Baller, and Wale). Neek gained popularity via his threads on WDYWT (What did you wear today). The distinctive slim jeans, graphic t-shirts with big hair, and the coveted Nike SB styles earned him a reputation in the forum’s community. This led one of the forum members to create (and sell) Neek T-shirts based on the Supreme parody of the website. A few members have even gone because they claim: “People wear skinny jeans due to Neek. Yeezy has skinny jeans due to Neek.”

However, his interests spanned far beyond his NikeTalk posts. His blog, “Where’s Neek,” was a place to share thoughts that ranged from his obsession with automobiles (especially his blacked-out, slammed Scion xB) to his love for Japanese porn. Indeed, his self-description as a professional on the internet was the second half of his online moniker. Internet popularity, however, will soon propel him from being a lurker into the spotlight.

The postings continued to flow after graduation, and along with his booming online activity, Neek landed at Stussy. Although he began as a temporary employee, he swiftly made his way up his ranks, eventually becoming an official at the Las Vegas store’s general manager and later Stussy’s Social marketing manager. His connection and friendship with Eddie Cruz, founder of Undefeated and Undefeated, proved to be a valuable asset in the burgeoning but tight-knit Vegas fashion scene. In addition to his collaboration with Stussy, Neek would lend his expertise to social media and advertising campaigns that were guerrilla for Cruz’s brand and the Hundreds and Fruition.

Anti Social Social Club Hoodies:

If you’re in the market for a stylish and unique hoodie, then you should definitely check out Anti Social Club. This line of hoodies is made with a unique and interesting design that makes it perfect for any fan of fashion. Whether you’re looking for something to wear on an everyday basis or just to show your support for your favorite band, an Anti Social Social Club Hoodies is sure to be a hit.

Not only do these hoodies look great, but they also provide incredible comfort. The material used is soft and comfortable, which means that you’ll be able to wear it all day long without feeling uncomfortable. Plus, the stylish design will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

Anti Social Social Club Shirts:

The Anti Social Social Club Shirts is trendy and used by people all over the globe. It’s stylish and simple and perfectly reflects your personality. It has been popular for many years and is now a highly sought-after T-shirt worldwide. Neek Lurk created the Anti Social Social Club T Shirt. The reason was to design something unique and fashionable to portray youth who did not desire to be part of society or conform to trends. The shirt gained popularity with rebellious teens, and its simple design will make it timeless.

The Anti Social Club shirt is still a top option for those looking to show off their personality in a distinctive style. It is suitable for any event and combined with any attire for the perfect class. If you’re looking for a t-shirt that makes you stand out from others, the Anti Social Social Club Shirt is the ideal choice for you. The shirts are constructed with top-quality materials and look stunning on all body types. Additionally, they’re fashionable enough to wear everywhere.

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Are you looking for a unique item of clothing that shows your Support for Anti Social Club? Could you take a look at their sweatshirts? These fashionable clothes are guaranteed to bring a smile and make you feel at ease while helping the cause. Anti Social Social Club Sweat Shirts are an exclusive clothing style guaranteed to attract attention. Created by artist and musician A.S.S.C. The sweatshirts are made of heavy-duty cotton and are available in a wide range of styles and colors.

There is a reason why these sweatshirts are so popular. They are made to help you relax while exercising. If you’re in the fitness center or taking your pet out for walks, you’ll love the airiness and softness of these tops. Additionally, their elegant style will help you distinguish yourself from others. If fashion and comfort are essential, look into Anti Social Social Club Sweat Shirts now.

If you’re looking for an easy, fashionable, and budget-friendly sweatshirt, Anti Social Club might be the perfect choice for you. They not only have the lowest prices online, and their sweatshirts are made of top-quality fabrics that keep you warm throughout winter.

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